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Who Is Glynne?

GlynneHe is the middle of three sons born to his mother. But, for the most part he hasn’t grown up with his siblings. He lives with his father (me – Thomas) and his stepmom (Frankie); and he is my only child. Glynne turns 16 soon. He likes Anime, listening to music, writing (poetry and fantasy), reading (fantasy) and a good movie. He attends one of the most renowned public schools in the country: MAST Academy.

In school he enjoys, his friends, engineering, music, and writing. He is even developing a deeper interest in math this school year (Geometry). MAST Academy is a magnet program and he was blessed to be selected. The school boasts an impressive graduation rate and was listed on Newsweek Magazine’s “Top of the Class List” for 2008.  He is creative and outgoing and MAST Academy is a great fit to his emerging personality.

He is a member of the Miami Gardens Church of Christ (where I serve as a deacon and Frankie works as the church’s secretary). Glynne has deep roots in the congregation, since long-time members have seen him grow up. They, our church-family, have been integral parts of Glynne’s upbringing. They have been there to counsel, console, encourage, praise, guide, and admonish. They love him and want him to succeed.

The success the caring adults in Glynne’s life expect for him has begun to manifest itself. He is maturing into an articulate and well-rounded young man (he reads scripture each Lord’s day for our minister during worship). As a participant in the Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes program he has delivered speeches and served on a debate team during the annual national convention. He also spends time with the local chapter of the NBMBAA in the Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program. The LOT program exposes young people to the inner workings of Corporate America through strategic relationships; emboldens college aspirations through college tours; imparts business and life lessons through workshops and quest speakers. It gives Glynne and other students the opportunity to mingle with like-minded young people and to connect with even more caring adults.

Beyond the above, Glynne is introspective—a thinker. He enjoys a good laugh and can be extremely silly and goofy. He is affectionate and isn’t afraid to share his emotions. He likes trying new things. He is kind, and gentle. And he takes my breath away each day. I am proud of him. I love him beyond measure. I am tough on him. “Strive for excellence, do not settle for mediocrity.” He is my son, on loan to me from God. I am thankful God selected me to be father to this young man. The world is a better place because Glynne is in it.

*I have deliberately not allowed Glynne to write this page. Why? It isn’t that I “feel I know him better than anyone else”, in fact the contrary is true. However, I believe it is important for every young person to know how others see them (good or bad). This is my view on “Who is Glynne?”


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    You have a wonderful site. Keep it up. Blessings to you.

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