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The Quest

Quest and Connecting with God’s Creation


A vital component of the young person’s overall Rites of Passage is seeing and experiencing the vastness of God’s creation. The young person is sent on a “Quest”. A “Quest” in which their physicality is challenged while acquiring new skills. Many programs exist that can accomplish the purpose of this component of the Rites of Passage Program. Key elements of the “Quest and Connecting with God’s Creation” should include but not be limited to: growth, self-discovery, introspection, experiencing nature and independence. The young person’s mentor/facilitator will search and match the program to the young person. This “match” is important and is based upon the adult’s knowledge of the young person. In viewing the “match” this way, the adult assures, to the best of their ability, the program gives the young person the elements they need most to enrich their personal experience (i.e., doing something they enjoy AND experiencing something new).


Odyssey Expeditions is our family’s pick for this component of the Program.


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  1. Constance McKinnis said

    I’m so proud of you

    Love You

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