Boys' Rites of Passage

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The Ceremony

Rites of Passage Ceremony


The Ceremony is celebratory in nature where the friends and family of the young person are brought together to share in the acknowledgement of the demarcation line between boyhood and young adulthood.


The Ceremony is accented with food, music, recitations, and a notable garment or clothing item given to the young person to announce to the world that he has made one transition and is continuing his journey into adulthood; with the love, support, and encouragement of everyone present.


The Ceremony is also accented with words of wisdom spoken in the presence of all directed at the young person from his elder men and women.


During this Ceremony the young person gives their “Love of Christ” talk to the audience as a public proclamation of his commitment to serving God throughout his life and to express his understanding and acceptance of his responsibility to share his faith as long as he shall live.


There are prayers, proclamations, and pictures. These pictures will further demonstrate to all, how the physical growth of the young person mirrors his growth in maturity and responsibility.


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  1. Constance McKinnis said

    Pooh! On this journey I, wish you the greatest of “SUCCESS”

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