Boys' Rites of Passage

Our Sons' Futures

The Journey

Part I

These pages will share the Rites of Passage journey. The journey is two-pronged. The first prong answers the question, “How did the idea of a rites of passage program reach me?” The second prong answers the question, “What does it take to execute a rites of passage program?”


In recent months my desire to complete this rites of passage program in 2009 for my son Glynne met with stiff opposition—namely, finances. The celebration dinner I could execute at minimal cost with the help of family and friends, that wasn’t the problem. The Quest, is the big expense, and it would take the efforts of many; well beyond our small family. So, cost alone was a huge obstacle.

As I brainstormed ways to manage cost I recalled events I participated in during my short tenure in the not-for-profit arena. Intertwined with managing cost was education. Many I have talked to over time don’t know what a rites of passage program is. Now, I figured, before I could solicit the help of friends and family, I had to educate and inform. I decided to use the Internet to inform…

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