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Teaching Our Boys and Ourselves to do the Work

Posted by Thomas on October 14, 2011

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In a world slathered in mediocrity we are challenged daily to not fall for the trap. As caring adults of boys we love we must teach them the same; mediocrity is not an option.

The challenge, what about us? What about our mediocrity, let’s just settle attitudes, failed starts, self-doubts, and ever-present Resistance – how can we teach what we ourselves are so easily beset by?

There used to be a time in the world where it was accepted that children were seen yet not heard. Adults, erroneously, got away with those infamous words “Do as I say…” you can fill in the rest I’m sure.

Those days of disingenuousness are gone. Young people smell hypocrisy and disingenuousness in their sleep and want nothing to do with it.

If you need a little inspiration surrounding doing your work/passion/art (whatever your work is meant to be) the lovely folks at the Domino Project have a free eBook for you. No Idling: 30 inspiring stories that are guaranteed to spark your fire.

So, when you are about to admonish that boy in your life for not persevering and chasing earnestly after his dreams – remember you are his first teacher, are you pursuing your dreams fervently?

Don’t let Resistance win!

Thank you Seth and the Domino Project Street Team for this wonderful gift!



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Positive Black Boy News

Posted by Thomas on January 12, 2011

Despite being reported on in 2010, this article fills me with great hope. Especially now that my son has turned 18. This is his last year of high school (I’m so proud of him I want to shout from the tallest skyscraper!!). He has decided to enter the U.S. Coast Guard after graduation. I’m proud of my son and hopeful for all our sons as we impact their lives for good and they forge a better world for all of us hereafter.

This is black boy news WORTH sharing. I received an email from my sister–she’s a U.S. Air Force veteran and one of the brightest minds I know–sharing this extremely positive news. We are inundated with terribly sad, hopeless, and negative news media about black boys in our neighborhoods and across the country regularly. Take a moment to read this ABC article about Urban Prep Charter Academy in Chicago. Urban Prep celebrates 100% of their graduating class accepted to major 4-year universities. The charter program opened its doors in 2006.

Praise God! Hope still reigns.

Some do the hard work it takes to positively impact the lives of our youth. Two big thumbs up and a virtual high-five to the staff at Urban Prep for living in the trenches and getting it done and to their senior class for seeing the importance of education.

What are you doing in your world to make a difference in boys’ lives? It only takes one person to change the world…why not you?

Urban Prep staff named Person of the Week on ABC.


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