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The Formalization of Your Village

Posted by Thomas on December 16, 2011

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When it comes to a rites of passage program for boys a key component needed to execute the program and final ceremony is the child’s village. As parents our circle of family and friends makes up that village as I wrote about in What Does Your Village Look Like.

For a moment let’s step outside the confines of a rites of passage program into manhood and speak in simple parenting terms. Whoever we as parents associate with while we are rearing our children those people will influence our children (as much or as little as we allow consciously). Thus it behooves us (parents) to be extremely mindful of the people we allow into our lives. “What is that person’s character and how will it impact me and my children?” is a good starting question.

No parent raises a healthy well-adjusted son or daughter alone. We all need the guidance, support, and encouragement of other parents during our journey. Beyond the support from others we need that extended web of family and friends to be just as conscientious as we are about guiding our son successfully into responsible manhood.

The members of your village can come from any sphere of your life. They can be of different heritage and lineage. Village members can have different beliefs and family traditions from your family. The important thing is the village shares your core beliefs surrounding family, love, and support related to raising your son to be his best self.

Mark Morey has an awesome post on his blog about the formalization of his village. It is an inspiring story how we can consciously turn the mundane into the sacred as we support ourselves and other parents along the journey of parenthood resulting in guiding our sons to be their best selves.



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Rites of Passage Resources for Parents

Posted by Thomas on October 31, 2011

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The journey of researching the topic of a rites of passage program began when my son was in elementary school. He’s now a young adult entering the military. 

My first publication offering my thoughts on the topic is available in the free eBook A Rites of Passage Framework. In it I offer four key components for your consideration as you conduct your own research. A Rites of Passage Framework is a quick read and is meant to give you actionable steps you can take immediately to design your customized rites of passage program for your son or boy in your life. 

The considerations I offer are my perspective based on personal research and individual conversations with fathers and men I respect and others that have offered their thoughts on the subject. 

After downloading your free copy of A Rites of Passage Framework I invite you to the following websites as you continue your search. Please also share your journey. Come back often and comment on posts or use the contact page to reach me. 

Widely cited source of information: the National Rites of Passage Institute

A site originally created by Drexel University students in 2001: Rites of Passage

Lesson plan for teaching a rites of passage program in a school setting

Family Foundations frames a rites of passage in the context of blessings. 


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