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Ascension Dinner Laundry List

Posted by Thomas on December 27, 2009

Laundry List of To-Do Items for

Rites of Passage

Ascension Dinner

I am horrible at planning, especially for parties and the like. I wish I could just hire an event planning company and have them take care of ALL the details for the Rites of Passage Ascension dinner. Alas, this event is on-the-cheap; so sweat equity (i.e., planning and executing) is a must.

As I considered the planning, executing, coordinating and all points in between I also thought of current and future readers. So, despite my utter ineptness in this facet of the Rites of Passage Program I figured it would be a good idea to share my laundry list of to-do items for the Ascension dinner.

Hopefully, as you plan your Rites of Passage program/event/dinner you’ll consider these things. I wrote it all down (trying hard not to overlook anything; often times the smallest oversight becomes the biggest deal during an event); but, I’m sure there is something missing. Use this list as a starting point for yourself. Take what is worthy; trash everything else. Enjoy—hope it helps!

Space 10 60 inch round tables; 10 table cloths; 100 white folding chairs; food buffet table
Audio Visual Microphone; Podium; Computer; Projector; Projector screen; Stereo; iPod; Set up of everything
Menu 2 meats; 2 starches; Salad; Salad dressing; Rolls; Veggies; Assorted soft drinks; Birthday cake
Hors d’oeuvres Cheese; Crackers; Swedish meatballs
Decorations Centerpieces; Balloons; Plastic-ware; Plates; Knives; Forks; Spoons; Cups; Napkins; Serving spoons
Misc Cooler; Ice; Aluminum foil; Aluminum pans; Sterno; Lighter
Breakdown/clean-up Garbage bags; Earliest time to enter building; Contact number of person with keys to building

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Scaling Down Rites of Passage Ceremony Due to Space

Posted by Thomas on January 24, 2009

Scaling down is okay

Scaling down is okay

Back in December I gave myself until January 15th to find a place to have the Rites of Passage Ceremony. Deadline, came and went. Though I have a solid contact for a place, the size forces me to scale down the Rites of Passage Ceremony. What follows is my original concept for the ceremony and how I envision scaling it down.

Original ceremony components:

  • Live band
  • Catered
  • Server-assisted food line 
  • Hors d’oeuvre
  • Dance floor
  • Multimedia setup
  • Tables/chairs for up to 100 people
  • Solo singer
  • Spoken word presenters
  • Professional photographer

Scaled down ceremony:

  • CD player
  • Food prepared by family and friends
  • Multimedia setup
  • Tables/chairs for 75 people
  • Encouraging speakers
  • Photos by family and friends

I had grand visions of an extremely nice banquet-like ceremony. Reality is we don’t have the space, time, or funds for that scale. Homegrown infused with love, honor, respect, and praise will concretely replace pageantry.

There is no shame in scaling back your original vision. Remember what’s really important in all of this. As always, I hope our sharing makes your experience that much better. We welcome your comments.

Please add your comments to this Post.

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