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A New World Demands Innovation and Creativity

Posted by Thomas on January 2, 2012

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The new world that we live in demands innovation and creativity—from global commerce down to a family run business; from working for a Fortune 500 company to creating your own lifestyle through intentional design—innovation and creativity are subterranean elements that can turn ideas into reality.

Unfortunately most of us are products of a school system that is not uniquely designed, as a whole, to foster innovative and creative thinking. We have been educated in a system ill-equipped to educate the masses to embrace and exploit this new world.

Short of revamping the American educational system across the board what can parents do?

I believe, now is the time for parents—more than ever before—to be proactive in their child’s education. There are educational options that exist today that did not when I was a child. For example: instead of sending my son to the overcrowded, predominantly African American middle school (that is literally less than ten minutes from our home) we placed him in a charter school. A very diverse school with 500 students instead of 1500 students.

Parents’ involvement doesn’t stop at school choice or just being active at the schools their child attends. Parents need also foster innovative and creative thinking and activities in their child. A perfect intersection of innovation and creativity is entrepreneurship.

I enjoyed hearing Cameron Herold’s Ted Talk on kids and entrepreneurship. After watching the talk consider your child. As a parent are you doing all you can to foster innovation and creativity in your child? Start 2012 off by examining how you are guiding your child to be their Excellent Self.



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Did You Know? Shift Happens

Posted by Thomas on October 30, 2011

I came across this while doing some research. Thought you would enjoy it. These are extremely (and sometimes scary) statistics. We live in exponential times. Maybe, 20 years from now, we will fully appreciate the incredible times we live in. Times filled with great opportunity and possible peril.  Learn more about the origin of this video here. We (caring adults) must be focused in helping to prepare our youth for their futures in this brave new world. Leave your comments.

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