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Rites of Passage Information Hub

Visit this page often. As I encounter various resources I will cull them here, creating a comprehensive list of Rites of Passage information for your convenience. 

One definition of Rite of Passage (Wiktionary)

(Wikipedia) Rites of Passage

National Rites of Passage Institute

Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Foundation

Rites of Passage Vision Quest

Boys to Men

Walking the Talk


The Adolescent Mind

Dare to be King

School of Lost Borders

On Us Rites of Passage

We Win Institute

Deer Tribe

Kindred: One Family, One World

The Pathways Foundation

Sankofa – A Rites of Passage Memoir

A site originally created by Drexel University students in 2001: Rites of Passage

Lesson plan for teaching a rites of passage program in a school setting

Family Foundations frames a rites of passage in the context of blessings

Article by Dr. Arne Rubinstein (MBBS,FRACGP) – National Co-ordinator of Pathways to Manhood

Article: Passage Into Manhood: A modern ritual for young men by Steven Foster at

Article: at Huffington Post Canada: Help Your Child Become an Adult

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with the web resources listed. Content on those sites is owned and/or managed by the site owner(s). The views expressed are the beliefs of the site owner(s).


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