Boys' Rites of Passage

Our Sons' Futures


We thank and acknowledge the following without them the Ascension Dinner would not have been possible! We also honor some very special guests.

The Village (various family, friends, and supporters you know who you are)

ASPIRA Charter School
• Principal Ms. Pena
• Counselor Ms. Dian Johnson who served as liaison and coordinator

Air Headz Inc. (Balloon Decorations)

Kreatively Yours Inc. (Programs/party favors etc)

Ms. Alison Quick (Photographer)

Mr. Ken Hawkins (Videotaping)

Miami Gardens Church of Christ (Elders/brothers and sisters)

Bunche Park Elementary School
• Ms. Marcia Cromartie (teacher at Glynne’s elementary school)

MAST Academy (teachers at Glynne’s high school)
• Mr. Cruz
• Mr. Webb
• Ms. Fernandez
MAST Academy (Glynne’s friends and loved ones there—YOU ALL ROCK!)

Rites Inc.

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