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True Desire Can Fuel Your True Power

Posted by Thomas on February 12, 2012

If you don’t have a copy of Personal Development for Smart People in your library, go get one. It is edgy in terms of some of the concepts mentioned but powerful and profound in its implications. Here is what author Steve Pavlina says about desire:

“Most people are out of touch with their true desires. They allow others to decide what they should want, or they settle for what they think they can get. They buy into the socially conditioned nonsense that the purpose of life is to work at a meaningless job for decades, spend themselves into debt, distract themselves with mindless entertainment, get married, have children, retire broke, and then quietly die. Consequently, they live desperate shadow lives, forever powerless and unhappy. Don’t succumb to the illusion of false desire. Only true desire summons true power.”

That’s my thought for today. Are your desires true?



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