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Teach Simple Beauty in Your Rites of Passage Program

Posted by Thomas on February 6, 2012

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As adults we are often bogged down with obligation. We busy ourselves with the hustle and bustle of life often to a detriment. Our bodies compound stress resulting in headaches and back pain. We stay up late at night working on projects of all sorts. Then arise early to start our rat-race cycle all over again.

Then something magical happens when children and babies enter our space. Their magic infects us. Even for the briefest of moments we stop and take in the simple beauty of a child’s world. A new mom holding her new baby girl (like yesterday in worship service) caused a smile to break across every adult’s face that entered the baby’s view. A simple beauty, her smile.

When a kid is distracted by the flight path of a nearby butterfly, a simple beauty. When a child laughs and walks after a duck in a park, a simple beauty. The laughter and playfulness of children, pure, innocent, filled with fun and a carefree spirit, a simple beauty.

As we raise our sons to be men in our rites of passage programs let’s not forget to also teach them the importance of drinking in the simple beauties life delivers to our doorstep every day; if only we are open to accept the delivery.

Simple beauties surround us daily. Today, stop. Today, drink them in. Today do not allow your adult brain to cause you to miss the magic of your life.


(Below are some simple beauties. Artwork on regular display in the city of Coral Springs Florida. Every day magic and fun!)


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