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Goal Setting Your Son and Masterminding

Posted by Thomas on January 23, 2012

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Goal setting is a skill every one of us needs to master. Success does not drop out of the sky. Accomplishments are not attained magically. Knowledge to better ourselves does not enter our minds via osmosis.

The ability to form a plan, map that plan, and execute that map separates the successful from the unsuccessful (albeit, your definition of success is different from mine). But how do we get there?

It is not enough to set goals. Simply setting a goal is like a baby drinking milk. If the infant continues to ONLY drink milk he will be malnourished. The same applies to us (adults). The same applies to our sons. As you train your son in the precious and needful elements of what it means to be a man train him also in the success strategies of what it means to set and achieve goals for his life.

In my experience the three biggest challenges to goal setting/achieving are accountability, motivation, and a system. Some of us are masterful in motivating ourselves to continue moving forward in pursuit of our dreams. The majority of us however may start off fired up only to have that enthusiasm quickly wane. Then there is the matter of accountability. As we strive for our goals who is there to hold our “feet to the fire” when we do not accomplish the objectives needed to reach a goal? Finally, and this may be the biggest reason of all three, what systematic approach are we using to ensure we will reach our goals?

Adults and young adults alike; parents training their children to be their best; educators; mentors, whatever your role is I encourage you to investigate masterminding. The masterminding concept is a needful crucible for within its framework the biggest challenges—accountability, motivation, and a system—can be addressed. If you have never heard of the concept of masterminding it is a key concept in the book Think and Grow Rich; click here for a definition. After investigating the idea check out the International Mastermind Association website. This association not only drives home the mastermind concept with its various mastermind groups but founder Ann McNeill has developed a system. Ann’s system along with mastermind group motivation and accountability are surefire techniques anyone can use—young or older—to not only set goals but achieve them.

If you are seeking ways to become your best you owe it to yourself to do the research and after that get moving.

Time is of the essence, tomorrow is not promised, thus: be diligent, be purposeful, be intentional – achieve it today!



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