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Don’t go to College Rather Change the World Now

Posted by Thomas on January 3, 2012

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Being the father of a recent high school graduate I’ve spent the last few years knee-deep in college information as we helped our son weigh his after-high-school-options.

During this time I’ve had to face some realities and challenge what once was conventional wisdom. In various flavors on this blog (see here, here, and here) I’ve stated what many of us have become alarmingly aware of: college may not be worth it.

In our Flat World where technological advancements and the internet have leveled the playing field of commerce in unpredictable ways all must take a step back and deeply consider the benefits of a college education related to attaining success and stability.

When I first read about the Thiel Fellowship I was giddy. After reading more about it and seeing it appear in other resources my giddiness and excitement was replaced by pragmatism. Though I absolutely see the merit in the fellowship—in which venture capitalist, hedge fund manager and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel—giving bright stars among our youth $100,000 to “stop out of college” I realized this path isn’t for everyone.

But we (our society as a whole; our American education system in particular) need more options like this as (maybe) augmentation to current educational avenues.

Read more about the Thiel Fellowship: Two years. $100,000. Some ideas just can’t wait.

What are your thoughts on the fellowship? Do you believe programs like this can spur the American economy through innovation and creativity? Share your comments.



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