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Young Adults and the Holidays

Posted by Thomas on December 15, 2011

My son is scheduled to be home next week. As a married adult and father I haven’t been really big on holidays. However, as a little child, like most folks probably, holidays were an exciting time. But, I do recall, having a bigger expectation during the holidays when I was in college for a short while and came home during that time. My expectation was, those I loved would come together as one if for no other reason (outside the holiday that is) but to see me during my visit.

So that brings me back to my son. I haven’t had a chance to talk with him but I wondered as a young adult returning home for a very short while after USCG boot camp what would be his perspective on this time of the year? What are his expectations?

What about your young adult children? Have you seen a difference in their approach to the holidays since they have gotten older? How has that change in them affected you? I would like to hear your thoughts about this, leave your comments below.

For me, I just remember how I navigated the holiday season as I came into adulthood and look to afford my son the same space I needed back then.

In the meantime check out these great tips for managing the level of involvement of your children during the holiday season. The Search Institute is a great parenting resource.

All the best to you and yours…



2 Responses to “Young Adults and the Holidays”

  1. Thomas said

    Well said Shirley. That’s why it is so important for us to guide them with all the appropriate tools and information. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Things are so much different for them compared to our days. Wondering what it is that will hold the most value to them in life as a learning and growing experience of the family. not anything else but family.

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