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What Does Your Village Look Like

Posted by Thomas on November 27, 2011

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Considering all the effort that went into growing my son into the person he is today it is important to praise the village that helped raise him.

Besides my wife and me (she has filled the mother role in his life since age 6) there are many other adults that have shaped my son’s life. From school staff, to non-profit volunteers, to church members, to business leaders, aunts, cousins, and so many others—which make up the village—have all taken part in raising and guiding him.

So today’s question surrounding a rites of passage ceremony for boys is “What does your village look like?” Take some time and consider thoughtfully the adults that make up your circle—those that regularly interact with your son—your circle inevitably make up the village that assists in training your son.

If you don’t like what you see in the village it is time to change friends and acquaintances. They—your friends, family, circle, THE VILLAGE—will influence your son as he matriculates through his rites of passage program. You want that influence to be positive.

What does your village look like?



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