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We are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball

Posted by Thomas on November 5, 2011

No matter your family’s origin (heritage) there is history to be proud of. History that encourages you and causes your head to be held high, your shoulders back, and your back straight. No matter what, your heritage has something, many things in fact, that will teach your son to be proud of who he is and the heritage that he comes from. Even when that history isn’t directly family related it can still be a positive and powerful message.

Above is an excerpt from a post I wrote earlier this week. On Thursday evening I attended the showing of Kadir Nelson’s Extraordinary We are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball at the Freedom Tower in Miami. The event hosted and sponsored by Miami Dade College. The event last night was by invitation only and the corporate sponsors of the show were there, e.g. The Marlins (soon to be Miami Marlins). Kadir Nelson’s mother, Emily Gunter, was present and dynamic!

This was a night to remember. I admit, I’m not a huge sports fan. But this art exhibit was fantastic. Whether you like baseball or not the exhibit is worth your time. Nelson, is an exquisite artist. If you are in the Miami area go see this exhibit. Take at least three others with. Miami Dade College and the sponsors of this event did the city proud! Remember We Are the Ship exhibition, will remain free and open to the public at the Freedom Tower Nov. 4 – Jan. 8, 2012, during gallery hours. Find positive heritage messages to share with your son during his rites of passage program.

See video interviews with the artist on his website here.



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