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Posted by Thomas on October 31, 2011

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The journey of researching the topic of a rites of passage program began when my son was in elementary school. He’s now a young adult entering the military. 

My first publication offering my thoughts on the topic is available in the free eBook A Rites of Passage Framework. In it I offer four key components for your consideration as you conduct your own research. A Rites of Passage Framework is a quick read and is meant to give you actionable steps you can take immediately to design your customized rites of passage program for your son or boy in your life. 

The considerations I offer are my perspective based on personal research and individual conversations with fathers and men I respect and others that have offered their thoughts on the subject. 

After downloading your free copy of A Rites of Passage Framework I invite you to the following websites as you continue your search. Please also share your journey. Come back often and comment on posts or use the contact page to reach me. 

Widely cited source of information: the National Rites of Passage Institute

A site originally created by Drexel University students in 2001: Rites of Passage

Lesson plan for teaching a rites of passage program in a school setting

Family Foundations frames a rites of passage in the context of blessings. 


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