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Some Simple Ideas to Customize a Rites of Passage Program

Posted by Thomas on October 21, 2011

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Over the last few days I quickly discussed:

Although simple, doing the things I suggested in these posts are involved. In order to have your rites of passage program match your son, you have to know him. However, depending on your relationship that may be a challenge.

In order for the rites of passage ceremony to impart more deeply your family values you must concretely identify what those values are. If your family believes things my family doesn’t that’s okay—identify YOUR values. Also realize, over time those values may change a little.

Finally, in order to truly get the most out of designing your customized rites of passage program, rites of passage ceremony, and rites of passage lessons you, as the caring adult, must examine yourself. Through that self-examination if you discover there is something you want to impart to your son but don’t have the knowledge to do so effectively reach out to your network and find someone you trust that can.

These and other important concepts will be addressed in an organized manner in my free eBook A Rites of Passage Framework. Stay tuned!



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