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A Simple Idea for Boys Rite of Passage Ceremony

Posted by Thomas on October 18, 2011

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The simple idea for a boys rite of passage ceremony is: the ceremony should match the boy.

When my son was still in elementary school the idea of creating a rites of passage for black boys fell on me after reading the Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian. When I began searching for information on how to do it some was good but some didn’t fit our family.

If you’ve Goggled any of the following keywords you’ve seen similar results:

  • Rites of passage for black boys
  • Boys rite of passage ceremony
  • African American rites to passage
  • African American rites of passage
  • Rites of passage manhood
  • Rites of passage for African American boys
  • Christian boys rite of passage blog

The purpose of this site was to chronicle the rites of passage, we, an African American family, put together for our son. We are Christians so I was also looking for information surrounding a Christian boy’s rites of passage. The result, this rites of passage for boys blog.

My blog is not meant to be exhaustive but rather offer a framework. My idea for this rites of passage blog was to simply offer information that families could use when searching for lessons, ceremonies, or rites of passage into manhood programs. My intent has always been, “Look, this is what we experienced in putting together a boys rite of passage ceremony”.  But if the method that our family used or the lessons we used to expound on our rites of passage for black boys doesn’t fit your family because of the obvious, your family is not African American, THAT’S OKAY.

Take the idea, the framework, the concepts for a boy’s rites of passage journey and make it your own. That is the crux of the matter for me.

Your family’s heritage doesn’t matter. Your family’s faith doesn’t matter. None of those things matter in terms of the information you can find on this rites of passage blog. Use the information that you can and toss out the rest.

My point is simple. When I searched I found information about boy’s rites of passage ceremonies but nothing that exactly fit our family. I took the information and customized a rites of passage program, a rites of passage ceremony, and rites of passage lessons that were unique to our family and our child.

Using this site you can do the same. Browse around the site, you’re bound to find something helpful.

Again the simple idea for a boys rite of passage ceremony is: the rites of passage ceremony should match the boy.



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