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The Wonder of Boys

Posted by Thomas on October 13, 2011

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I’m often asked what sparked my interest in developing a rites of passage program. As a young father I realized, profoundly, how inadequately equipped I was while watching a broadcast of Good Morning America.

During that show the author Michael Gurian was being interviewed about his book The Wonder of Boys. Within in days I purchased the book. That work implored me to learn how to better raise my son. It begged me to create the fertile conditions he needed to thrive.

At the time the request appeared like an insurmountable task. One I thought I would ultimately fail since men in my life were not the best examples.

It is hard to explain, but something clicked in me. Mr. Gurian’s The Wonder of Boys"" resonated with me. It was enough to push me forward and fill me with a desire to learn and execute. It laid the foundation and answered the question “Why is a rites of passage program paramount to a boy’s healthy development?”

If you’ve read it share your thoughts by commenting. If The Wonder of Boys is not in your library add it, you’ll be glad you did.



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