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Marketing a Free eBook and Spreading an Ideavirus

Posted by Thomas on October 11, 2011

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This blog is about helping my son as he matriculated through different life stages—empowering him—equipping him with the right tools, information, and thoughts to be his best self while supporting him in love and admonishment. I choose the medium of blogging to chronicle the process. Some part of me felt other families, other dads, moms, or maybe grandpas would find this information helpful. I know I would have. When I first began looking for information about rites of passage ceremonies for black boys, the little information I found did not fit our family.

Accidentally, this blog has also captured differences in me as I journey down my path.

I read and research things fairly regularly (who doesn’t since the internet). I encountered marketing genius Seth Godin (he coined ideavirus) through reading and research in various places. Only recently I started reading his work: free marketing tips on his world renowned blog, free eBooks he’s written that educate us on the philosophy of the ideavirus, gifts, and tribes, even his presentations available at Ted Talks. Seth is helping reshape my thinking about spreading ideas (well good ideas anyway).

I think every visitor that stumbles across this blog gets here because like me they are looking for information to help them save the life of their son (or boy they love).

Some time ago I realized, although my blog has lots of information it isn’t neatly packaged. In the spirit of Seth Godin (who I think is one of the coolest cats on the planet—I emailed him twice and he emailed back, despite being a celebrity) I have reenergized my efforts to complete an eBook.  This free eBook is my ideavirus. The free eBook A Rites of Passage Framework, when completed, will be available as a free download on this blog. See a preview of the table of contents. All parents and caring adults of boys come back soon to get your free copy of A Rites of Passage Framework, in short form it gives you the cornerstones to start your rites of passage program.

Seth, thank you for your gifts!



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