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Were You a Boy Scout Growing Up?

Posted by Thomas on December 14, 2010

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Be Cautious of Mainstream Media’s View of Black Boys

From time to time I deliberately search for positive news reports surrounding African-American boys. Why? Because I’m tired of mainstream media’s addiction to the negative news surrounding our children. If we are not careful we begin allowing that cynical view to become ours. It then infects the way we interact with our young men; only seeing them as thugs, troublemakers, and dregs of our society. I met a woman yesterday that had been so infected. It is sad that we (all of us at some point or another) succumb to the digital brain washing that goes on every day.

Give Praise Where Praise is Due

Give praise where praise is due. Realize, although there are segments of every population that leaves our eyes blackened, there are also segments of every population that makes us proud, puts a smile on our face, and an extra skip in our stride. The following story link does just that.

Positive Boy Scout News

These Boy Scouts have achieved great honor. We praise them and their leaders for going about their activities like they normally do: with integrity and achievement. Enjoy reading about the Black Boy Scout Troop from Dallas Texas and their history-making accomplishment.

When I was a Scout growing up our Troop leader ran off with our dues never to be heard from again (sad). Thank God these young men’s lives are being positively impacted. Guess what, they will in turn take that positive energy and pour it back into the world.

As you go about your day and week, take a moment and engage a young person for the better. They aren’t all bad!!



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