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The Reflections of Me in Him – Part 2

Posted by Thomas on December 9, 2010

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Then like a pissed off girlfriend mad at my creeping and futile excuses, like only He can do, God slapped me in the face: “Get a grip of yourself and stop whining!” His lessons came through my family and friends.

  • A friend whose mother had been sick for many years lost her mother this year. Now her mother and father are dead. She reminded me that we have to seize the moments in our lives and be thankful for them while we can because we never know when the ability to get out of bed under our own power will be gone.
  • I have another friend who is a good man, husband, and father that has struggled to find financially rewarding work. He has struggled through unemployment.
  • A friend, who after many years of being divorced from her ex-husband still has to fight with him about their son.
  • One whose mother is unbelievably brave as she battles breast cancer.
  • My wife is, from a distance, supporting my mother-in-law who is battling cancer also. 

So, who am I to complain and whine and sigh “Oh woe is me”? Who am I to be mad? Who am I to be so self-absorbed instead of considering those in my circle that are truly challenged and offer myself to ease their journey in some way? 

He doesn’t realize this, but my son teaches me things all the time just by being who he is and living his life. Concerned about me he asked our church family to pray for me. That is the type of son that I have. That is the reflection he beams back to me: love, concern, faith, and assurance. 

I encourage you, as the year of our Lord two thousand and ten wraps up, stop, reflect, and thank God for the amenities he has afforded in your life. Stop whining about what isn’t going the way you want by helping someone else. Sometimes the reflections we need to better ourselves are as close as our children, family, and friends. 



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