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The Pain of Unemployment

Posted by Thomas on October 24, 2010

We all know someone unemployed; those struggling to keep a roof over their family’s head and food in the fridge. Maybe you are there now or were recently.

Through my work I met a woman who had been unemployed for two full years. In just the last few weeks, she was hired to fill a temporary position with the hopes of it becoming permanent.

In this distant land of cyberspace these words may be received as futile; nonetheless, be encouraged. Continue to hope. Continue to do the things necessary to find work. The SON will shine down on you sooner than you imagine.

For those of us that are working, remember sympathy and empathy go a long way as we interact with family and friends still dealing with the pain of unemployment. So much of who we are is wrapped in what we do for a living. Losing a job is more than just losing employment; we lose a part of ourselves.

As much as possible be there for those in your circle braving the unemployment crisis. Count your blessings…for only by the grace of God there go I.



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