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Are Parents Interested in a Boy’s Rites of Passage

Posted by Thomas on October 24, 2010

In my circle of influence parents tell me our Rites of Passage Program for Glynne inspires them to do the same for their sons. I’m asked about writing a book on the subject and our journey. Our family has in fact discussed creating a real product around the program but that’s where the story stalls.

I have pages of research on the subject and many articles I’ve written on this blog related to rites of passage and parenting in general. Mostly I believe other parents are interested in a rites of passage program for their sons. Though I have not identified a viable product model (at this point a book seems too one-dimensional, and at least in my mind, would not capture the essence of my message; but who knows) this idea nags me like an always on computer program taking up precious RAM in my dated desktop computer.

Most days I resign that a product just does not make sense and what we’ve accomplished is just meant for our son Glynne. Then I come across something like the RaeCole blog. Though the blog and product are exclusive to girls the principles that have manifested them into reality are the same.

I came across the site through an e-newsletter I get from Mom Invented, a truly inspiring site, again, the focus isn’t on males, however the positive and encouraging messages espoused to women entrepreneurs is timeless and serves all populations well.

This blog post at RaeCole portrays a journey akin to my own and when the negative pops up “No, parents are not interested in a rites of passage for their sons” articles like this and the constant positive feedback I get from real life friends and family inspire and encourage me to keep fleshing the idea out—one day, the right product model will materialize. And what started out as a family matter will help empower other families as they instruct their sons on the road to responsible male adulthood.

I don’t know Marianne, owner of RaeCole, but I am grateful I stumbled upon her site and her story.



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