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Stroke it Baby, Stroke It

Posted by Thomas on April 7, 2010

Some women may not like this fact, but the male ego is fragile…and yes, it needs to be stroked. Any woman who realizes this fact and works with it will have a man who will move mountains or clean stalls for her. Here’s the flip side, if she doesn’t he will encounter the woman who is willing to stroke his ego through words of praise and acknowledgement…and no matter how much he loves and cares for you that other woman will hold the trump cards.

Take heed single sisters, if this isn’t your ball of wax, don’t get married. Men are men, and this fact is not changing.

The good folks at Black and Married with Kids have another great post on the dynamics of the marital relationship. Above is a snippet from my comment to their post: There is Strength in Words. If you’re married, do yourself a favor and read this post and the following comments…and take heed.



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