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The Plight of Young Black Males

Posted by Thomas on February 17, 2010

A dear friend forwarded this article to me (thanks Gerry). Walter Dean Myers, a long time children’s literature author pens his concerns facing our young men. Mr. Myers based his article on his personal accounts.

After reading the article—which states many things all of us already know—I wondered “Where does it stop and where does it begin?” Is the plight of African American youth, especially boys, a system issue; a governmental issue; a communal issue; a church issue…?

Or rather, is all the throwing around of facts and figures and study results reflect a-lack-of-individual-responsibility-issue. As much as my heart bleeds for our young people, I also ask earnestly “What about individual accountability?” When do we say to our boys and girls “Wake up! This is not about your mother or your father; this isn’t about where you were born or what school you attended; this is about what you choose to do with the life God has entrusted you with.”

Before getting home and reading the Myers’ article I listened to a portion of the Michael Baisden show. He is promoting the One Million Mentors: National Campaign to Save Our Kids. As I travelled home in rush-hour traffic, Michael’s program caused me to think about parents that shun their God-given job of raising their children. Once we become parents our life is no longer our own—and yet, often time, we blame young people for missing the mark.

What do you think? Is the plight of our youth their fault or ours? Chime in on this topic, would love to hear your thoughts.



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