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Our Rites of Passage Program was a Success!

Posted by Thomas on January 10, 2010

Saturday January 9, 2010 marked the end of Glynne’s Rites of Passage Program—although we acknowledge this is simply one of many stepping stones toward responsible manhood.

The program culminated with the Ascension Dinner. We planned for 100 people and estimate between 70 – 80 attended. It was an emotional night—a fun night—a reflective night. It was a night of honor and praise. It was the night that we as The Village addressed Glynne as man; not boy.

This has been a long process for our family. Many false starts, but finally made it across the finish line.

Despite the program, quest, dinner, much talking and sharing with others over the course of time about all of this—some still are fuzzy about it. Last night I tried articulating the “what” and “why”—but still got many questions.

So, this post will do several things: define what the rites of passage program is; give the back-story, explaining how we got here; why we gathered; and why it was important for attendees to be present. But first I want to acknowledge and honor the people that made last night a success.

There are many to acknowledge, please click on this link to honor those folks.

To get a full understanding of “why” a rites of passage program you must read my autobiographical write-up Purpose and Genesis of this Rites of Passage Idea. It gives the back-story, explaining how we got here; why we gathered for the Ascension Dinner and why it was important for attendees to be present.

Finally, the definition of what the rites of passage program is. It is the concerted efforts of loving, caring adults in the life of a boy to usher him responsibly into adult manhood. Beyond this simplistic definition, I can only offer some of the insight I’ve gleaned during my personal research. I’m poised to continue looking into the idea and fleshing it out further. In the meantime check out this definition; and this definition; read my material on The Journey (and continue to do your own research).

God bless you! Those that have frequented the blog, thank you.


2 Responses to “Our Rites of Passage Program was a Success!”

  1. Thomas said

    Dwayne and Kim:

    Thanks so much for all your support on Saturday and always supporting Glynne.

    Dwayne, I admire the way you are dealing with your kids; keep God first and He will continue to bless your efforts as a father.

  2. The Johnsons said

    We had a great time. I was a learning experience for Dwayne and me, not about the Rites of Passage Ceremony per say, but about male children.
    Watching Daylan run around -seeing him laugh, smile and eat all the crackers and cheese, made me realize that the enormous amount of energy it takes to raise and empower males in our society.

    Raising girls has many ups and downs, but girls are not lacking in female roles.
    Boys it seems, pop into the world, devoid of these human contacts.

    The event showed us that raising boys is truly a family affair and must be a solid commitment between parents. Listening to you talk about all the people you have relied on to help with G’s welfare was heartfelt. I didn’t have that type of extended family support, while rearing the girls.

    But I realize w/ Daylan he has so many males on Dwayne’s side that he loves already and they bring so much wisdom to his young life.

    For example, he emulates Dad on fixing everthing, his cousin Kale has taught him how to play the lastest video games , uncle George bought his first monster bike, Cousin Skeeter always invites him to a party, Grandpa Will lets him play w/ Snow the dog and his Pop, spoils him with toys.
    Not forgetting, the Godly brothers at our church who teaches him how to shake hands, who disiplines him when he goes astray and the men who just allow him to kick, tackle, and karate them to death.

    I realize that all of these individuals already have a hand in shaping who Daylan has and will become, this gregarious son of mine, is not that way all because of me.

    As his mother,I must succumb to the realization that my son needs all of us in his life to become the best man that he possible can.

    I pray that God allows me to see my son celebrate 17, but right now I am happy celebrating everyday w/ him.

    Love Dwayne / Kimberly Johnson

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