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Ascension Dinner Laundry List

Posted by Thomas on December 27, 2009

Laundry List of To-Do Items for

Rites of Passage

Ascension Dinner

I am horrible at planning, especially for parties and the like. I wish I could just hire an event planning company and have them take care of ALL the details for the Rites of Passage Ascension dinner. Alas, this event is on-the-cheap; so sweat equity (i.e., planning and executing) is a must.

As I considered the planning, executing, coordinating and all points in between I also thought of current and future readers. So, despite my utter ineptness in this facet of the Rites of Passage Program I figured it would be a good idea to share my laundry list of to-do items for the Ascension dinner.

Hopefully, as you plan your Rites of Passage program/event/dinner you’ll consider these things. I wrote it all down (trying hard not to overlook anything; often times the smallest oversight becomes the biggest deal during an event); but, I’m sure there is something missing. Use this list as a starting point for yourself. Take what is worthy; trash everything else. Enjoy—hope it helps!

Space 10 60 inch round tables; 10 table cloths; 100 white folding chairs; food buffet table
Audio Visual Microphone; Podium; Computer; Projector; Projector screen; Stereo; iPod; Set up of everything
Menu 2 meats; 2 starches; Salad; Salad dressing; Rolls; Veggies; Assorted soft drinks; Birthday cake
Hors d’oeuvres Cheese; Crackers; Swedish meatballs
Decorations Centerpieces; Balloons; Plastic-ware; Plates; Knives; Forks; Spoons; Cups; Napkins; Serving spoons
Misc Cooler; Ice; Aluminum foil; Aluminum pans; Sterno; Lighter
Breakdown/clean-up Garbage bags; Earliest time to enter building; Contact number of person with keys to building

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