Boys' Rites of Passage

Our Sons' Futures

Us Against Them or Them Against Us

Posted by Thomas on November 14, 2009

In this global economic world you would think there no longer exists the mind-set of “us-against-them”. How do we teach our children to strive for excellence and be all they can be when the world at large still seeks to limit them? Is a positive passage possible? Can education, excellence, hard work, a strong work ethic, courage, and drive truly trump a system designed against a group of people? Are there rules of which we are unaware that keep us bound to a certain course?

System or no system; there is no “us”, there is no “them”. There is only WE. We bleed. We cry. We eat. We sleep. We love. We hate. We think. We dream. We imagine. We are born. We all die.

Skin color, social class, faith, pedigree all mean nothing in the end. Human is human.



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