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Who Exactly is Being Trained: Parent or Child?

Posted by Thomas on June 2, 2009

The more I seek to train-up my son, the more I learn as a parent. We never have all the answers. We (parents) do our best with the information we have while incorporating the new information we learn each day. It’s hard to inspire your child to “meet challenges head-on” when you don’t follow that same advice yourself.

In light of a Rites of Passage I find myself in training mode; away from the R.O.P. Since we have family and friends with graduating young adults I’m taking advantage of those family celebrations as a way to motivate Glynne to see high school graduation and college entrance as worthwhile goals.

At a recent event, I watched him engage with other adults and other young adults. I was trained. As I listened I learned he has more on his mind than I often give him credit for in terms of thinking about the future.

To every father out there, stay open, and learn.


One Response to “Who Exactly is Being Trained: Parent or Child?”

  1. Mocha Dad said

    If we aren’t being continually trained, we are failing as fathers.

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