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What it Takes to Define a Rites of Passage Program?

Posted by Thomas on March 18, 2009

The short answer to what does it take to define a Rites of Passage Program? is an open mind. In the absence of generational traditions families must invoke their own traditions. For example: if one envies friends that make great holiday meals using great-great grandma’s old time recipes, slay the green monster. If recipes were not passed down as a family tradition, find a knock-your-socks-off recipe for a favorite dish and let it be your special contribution to the holiday season; this year and subsequent years.

In my family and circle of friends I’m still educating folks; we are asked regularly “what is a Rites of Passage Program anyway?” So, in the absence of tradition (I never went through a Rites of Passage Program as a youth and I don’t know anyone personally that has), we are creating our own.

Your Rites of Passage Program can contain and exclude whatever you wish. The most important thing is to mark the boy’s transition from boyhood to young adulthood. During my research I’ve read many different articles and read several books that speak to the importance of Rites of Passage Programs. The folks over at Art of Manliness have a really good post that paints an overview picture of what a rites of passage program may consist of and talks about how it may be vital to healthy male development.

Art of Manliness, thanks for breaking it down.


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