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Positive Married Black Folks

Posted by Thomas on March 9, 2009

As a black dad to a 16 year old boy, fatherhood is paramount in my life. Many days I say to myself you’ve got one chance to get it right. Though I am fully aware that every parent makes mistakes, I understand equally well as parents we shape our children in ways that are often never seen.

The blessing in our household is what I don’t see my wife does. And that dual vision as husband and wife takes the edge off of parenting. A beautiful example of a positive black family are the folks over at Black And Married With Kids. Their positive insight into black married family life was recently highlighted during an interview at Thank you Lamar and Ronnie for shining so brightly.

To all those we know personally that are doing the same, keep-on-keeping-on you positive married with children black folks. Thanks for your everyday examples!


4 Responses to “Positive Married Black Folks”

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  3. Mocha Dad said

    Kids need mothers and fathers. It’s important to keep promoting positive husband and wife teams within our community.

  4. Thank you for the kind words and for holding it down with your family as well.

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