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Spiritual Manhood

Posted by ritesguest on March 4, 2009

Spiritual Manhood

(By guest blogger Nina Long)

This could be a very broad subject to deal with because of man’s view and God’s view of what manhood is.

Manhood, is when a man has demonstrated true biblical masculinity. The Bible is very clear on man’s responsibilities in order to reach spiritual manhood. Of course, we know this spiritual maturity takes time to develop. Living a good Christian life, including discipline, patient, prayer, and serious Bible study would be some of the things God uses to mold a boy into a man which leads to spiritual maturity into the life of one who is ready to take charge to lead in any capability of life with ease. And a man’s spiritual leadership is not a matter of dictatorial power, but of firmness and influence.

A real man would exercise holiness. And have integrity, is very responsible, trustworthy, respectable, and have God given dignity and pride. And have the kind of wisdom God offers and not the kind He doesn’t recognize. A poem I think will fit a real man:

The Steps of a Good Man

(Psalm 37:23)

He will stand for right

With courage true,

Doing the things

God told him to do.

He will greet life

With love to embrace,

Shaking hands with friends

Face to face.

He will stand tall

Brave and strong,

And encouraging others

To continue on,

He will never give up

In the path he trod,

Because his steps

Are ordered by,

The Almighty God.


(Nina Long is a Christian wife and mother that is an inspirational freelance writer.)


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  1. Marvis said

    Looks great !

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