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Fathers Stop Murdering Your Sons

Posted by Thomas on February 7, 2009

Black men are murdering black boys. Many of us, before becoming parents, don’t consider the grave responsibilities associated with parenthood. We jump headlong into that life station, often clueless and unprepared. Fathers’ ignorance is the murdering instrument.

So profound is our ignorance we, African American fathers especially, are oblivious to its effects. We are murderers because when we fail to properly train our children, especially black boys, they meet the world wrapped in immaturity; using their own devises to survive, bad choices lead to death.

Death manifests itself in myriad ways: physical death: the boy makes a bad choice and is killed; relationship death: when the untrained black boy mistreats his woman the ensuing struggles kill the relationship; offspring death: when ignorance is perpetuated it affects generation after generation, our children suffer and their children suffer. Immature African American teens remain stuck because black fathers haven’t guided them into mature, responsible, manhood. We are murderers when our ignorance hinders training our young men. We are murderers when we recognize that we need improved parenting skills, but yet live in complacency.

We can no longer rest in ignorance. Stating “I didn’t know” doesn’t work anymore. Here’s a different angle to view this issue: at your job when you face a new task but you are not versed in that task, how do you get past that ignorance? Most of us seek the help we need in order to execute the new task to the best of our abilities. Why not use that same concept as a father? Yes, every dad enters fatherhood with a level of ignorance, but we should not stay there.

Shed pride, clothing ourselves instead in humility, admitting we don’t know everything. Embrace this position and murders cease. The Rites of Passage Program helps us because it forces us (men) to engage our sons (or other boys in our lives) in focused conversations, exercises, and life experiences through the use of the Rites of Passage Lessons.

If you are a man of any heritage and are passionate about passing on the message of responsible manhood to your son (or any boy in your life), continue reading the information on this site—ask questions, leave comments, share your experiences. Together we can clean our hands of innocent blood so our boys can live.


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