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Comfort Zone Conflict

Posted by Thomas on January 24, 2009

Conflict, friction, and stress are good. Without friction in our lives there would be no growth. The same goes for when we bump into the boundaries of our comfort zones. Although we are aware of our comfort zones most freak out when we must stretch beyond the zone; including me.

Putting together this Rites of Passage Ceremony and raising money for the Quest forces me out of my comfort zone. In order to raise funds, I’ve got to be as creative as possible and as talkative as possible to solicit people’s help. I hate fundraising though. And I don’t enjoy self promotion (or family promotion in this case). Conflict is: I know what has to be done in order to reach our goals but comfort zone dictates: fall into the background (I’m most comfortable as a behind-the-scenes person). Strange part is as a software instructor I speak in front of groups every day at work; some even tell me I’m pretty good at it.

Stretching beyond your comfort zone can feel like jumping from a plane

Stretching beyond your comfort zone can feel like jumping from a plane

In order to reach our goal, I strive to put self aside (including that restrictive comfort zone of mine). I focus on the cause for all this, my son. I leverage current skills from other compartments of my life (speaking in front of groups at work). And I remind myself, that the fundraising, planning, and administrative work to pull this all together successfully will last only a few months, while impacting a lifetime (Glynne will never forget this). Besides all that, I remember that this is one of the same admonishments I give to children, so I’ve got to take my own advice.

How do you handle growing beyond your comfort zone? I would like to hear your stories. Please add your comments to this Post.


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