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Searching for Space

Posted by Thomas on January 2, 2009

tbl_settingMy search for space to have the Rites of Passage Ceremony hasn’t produced results. I have a couple of leads on possible places, nothing more. There is one place that I will follow up on next week. I need to cement this part of the project as soon as possible.

All of us know how projects of any size can derail or miss their deadlines. Finding a space is vital since the scale of the Ceremony hinges on the size of the donated place. I’m leaning on everyone in my circle to find the right place. I’m not the best project manager in the world so I need all the help I can get.

The deadline I’ve given my circle to come back with something tangible is January 15th. When I first started talking to people about possible places back in mid-December, January 15th seemed like plenty of time. Yeah, right! Stay tuned for the next few steps of this journey. Hope to have some good news soon.

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