Boys' Rites of Passage

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Double Standards

Posted by Thomas on December 23, 2008

Double standards hinder young males in our society. Girls have numerous rites of passages in their lives; physical and otherwise. The double standard exists when girls are given concrete lines of demarcation as they journey through life, while boys often don’t receive the same guidance. Boys are left to figure things out on their own.

In terms of physical changes (passages) God has blessed women with the menstrual cycle (if you are a woman reading this, it may not seem like a blessing, but, because of you there is human life on the earth: a blessing). This physical occurrence lets the young woman know, in full assurance, she can now reproduce. Though physical change occurs for the male, it is less apparent. Mothers, aunts, older sisters, and other women in the young woman’s life rally around her, comforting her, encouraging her, advising her that this is a step toward the fulfillment of her womanhood destiny. Nothing of the sort happens for the young man.

Fathers and mothers; grandmas and grandpas; aunts and uncles; responsible adult men and women—let’s change this invisibility, this double standard. Our young men need guidance each step of the way as they grow and matriculate through life. But, that journey cannot be passively observed by we adults that love and care for the boy. His journey ought to invoke action and interaction on our parts. Else, he is lost. It manifests itself in various ways; he is lost when he doesn’t understand that at a certain age he must put childish things away. He is lost when he doesn’t recognize, for we have failed to tell him, that there are great expectations on his life—we expect him to become a responsible male that contributes to the wellbeing of our society.

This blog is a catalyst for ending the double standards that handicap healthy development of our young men. Join us.


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